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Dendra Luxe, born as Shadendra Harris, was blessed at a young age with the talent to do hair. Since she was a teen,  she enjoyed styling her own hair to save money. Harris has not been to a salon in over ten years! 


With practice and dedication, she decided to do hair on the side for leisure. What started as a hobby then turned into a brand.  Dendra Luxe was born during the pandemic when Harris lost her job. Like many others, she struggled to figure out her next steps.  


If there’s one thing true about Harris, it’s that her determination to be the best version of herself always  prevails. She will find a way to get back up when life hits her and uses it to motivate her. This was when she was inspired to create a business plan.


With the grace of God, she took an idea that she’s had for many years and turned it into a plan that is now in motion. At this point, it is only up from here. With consistency and hard work she plans to scale her beauty business. Make sure you stay updated on our growth! 





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